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About Hollie Kitchens

Hollie Kitchens helps unknown entrepreneurs overcome lack of authority to expand their digital footprint.

• Internationally Charted Podcast Host

• Over 80 Million GIPHY Views

• Helped Over 1,000+ Businesses with Branding

Hollie wasn’t always an internationally charted podcast host. In fact, she used to hide behind a logo and it was so bad for her that she was nowhere to be found in a Google search and had zero online presence.

She doesn’t want any other business owner to go through what she went through ever again.

She is on a mission to find the people she KNOWS she can easily help establish authority, embrace authenticity and change their lives.

When she first set about solving this for herself, she tried to find people to help her. Sadly, what she found is that many of the so called experts are simply sharing the same information that they’ve copied from the same articles and videos she could easily find for free on the internet.

So she knew when she helped people she wanted to do something better. Hollie has spent over 5 years researching, studying, and testing branding methods and decided to create her own methods that would differentiate anyone in any industry. She’s gone on to use those same discoveries to become recognized as an internationally charted podcast host, having over 80 million GIPHY views, and helping over 1,000+ businesses with branding.

Hollie is now on a mission to help as many unknown entrepreneurs establish authority and embrace authenticity so that they expand their digital footprint and become the go-to in their marketplace.

She makes herself available for speaking opportunities and media appearances to help further this mission.

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